Everything You Need To Know About The Dental Industry

Hygiene and professional teeth whitening

Our professionals and dentists of l’Unitat d’Odontologia know how to eliminate the tartar that naturally accumulates inside the oral cavity and that is the main responsible for diseases of the gums, also called pyorrhea.

To eliminate tartar, an apparatus is used that, through an ultrasonic process, detaches the plaque accumulated in the teeth.

Our professionals will be in charge of advising you and, given the circumstances of your case, about the appropriate treatment of teeth whitening, as well as answer any questions that may arise.

Dental brushing technique

A good oral hygiene begins with a proper brushing, which should be done right after each meal, drink intake, especially sugary and carbonated drinks or snacks, or any food.

The most important brushing, and the one that should not be missed, is after dinner or the last intake before sleep.

There are hard foods such as carrots or raw apples that, when they are bitten, drag the bacterial plaque.

However, excessive and inadequate brushing can affect early enamel wear, especially if citrus fruits have been ingested after meals, so ideally between two and three brushes a day.

It is recommended to brush your teeth for a time of three to five minutes; that is, ten brushed for every two teeth.

Preferably it should be with a medium brush, bristle and straight handle and with a toothpaste containing triclosan.

It is important to emphasize that the dentist is the one who must assess how the oral hygiene of each patient should be according to their needs.

The use of chewing gum may be advisable.

The action of chewing stimulates the secretion of saliva, which prevents the pH of the mouth from becoming excessively acidic.

Xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacterium streptococcus mutants, which causes tooth decay. These chewing gums do not replace the benefits of brushing.

Oral hygiene is equally necessary if there has been regurgitation or vomiting.

Brushing should be done by introducing the brush filaments in the space that is formed between the teeth. You should also pass the brush on the inside of the cheeks, tongue, palate and gums, if they are healthy.

There are sores that can be remedied by rinsing water with salt. In case of observing any anomaly it is necessary to go to the specialist.

Healthy gums do not bleed with brushing. If there is obvious bleeding with normal brushing, it is likely that there is a case of gingivitis.

It is recommended that this professional cleaning be done at least twice a year. Oral hygiene has been essential in the human being for health and well-being.