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How to use lemon to have with teeth

Among the natural tips that help to keep beautiful white teeth, there is baking, but also lemon! How does this fruit help maintain teeth and make them whiter?

The powers of lemon to whiten your teeth

The lemon is one of the most acidic fruits that exist. Its acidity dissolves dental plaque and prevents the formation of tartar on the teeth. Lemon is also used to clean the gums, keep the breath fresh, and maintain the acidity necessary for proper oral balance. Be careful, however, not to go into excess, so as not to reverse this balance. For this, it is necessary to use the lemon from time to time only, and sparingly.

How to use lemon to have white teeth

Pour some lemon juice on your toothbrush and rub your teeth for a few minutes. Then rinse with clean water and then do your usual brushing. This radical method will help cleanse your teeth and the desired lightening will be visible almost immediately. Be careful not to repeat the operation too often, to avoid damaging your teeth, which still need protection.

A second method is to apply a piece of lemon directly to the teeth, then let it act for a few minutes before rinsing. By being in contact with the lemon pulp, the teeth will whiten even faster. This technique remains very abrasive, even more than the first. To get whiter teeth, you can also use the lemon as an essential oil. Toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.