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Dental Bridges

With dental bridges is possible to get a natural smile and real look after the loss of a tooth. Dentists use dental bridges as a way to fill the space created by the missing tooth or teeth. Depending on the dental bridge type you choose will vary the procedure and cost.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is composed by two tooth crowns for each of the sides of the gap and a false tooth between them. Natural teeth, dental implants or a combination of natural teeth and dental implants can be used to support the bridge. The dental bridge type you choose depends on the state of your smile, his claims about the cost and aesthetic results you want. Whether you seek a temporary or permanent for tooth loss solution, there is an ideal for your needs dental bridge.

Types of dental bridges

Types of dental bridges are three:

Traditional bridge

This type of dental bridge consists of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the space with a false tooth in between. Traditional bridges are the type most commonly used dental bridge and are made of ceramic or fused to metal (PFM) porcelain. If no adjacent teeth to support the crowns, you can use dental implants to fix the bridge in place.

Cantilever Bridge

This type of dental bridge is used when there are teeth on only one side of the space in the mouth. Two crowns fused to the replacement tooth are used to fix the bridge to adjacent natural teeth.

Maryland bonded bridge

This type of dental bridge comprising plastic teeth and gums and is supported by a metal structure. The dental bridge is attached generally cost less than other types of bridges and is the easiest to install.

Procedure for placing a dental bridge

The dentist will begin by grinding the adjacent teeth to make room for the crowns. Then the dentist will take impressions of the teeth, to be used to create dental crowns.

Once the crowns (crowns can be made from pure ceramic or metal or porcelain fused to metal) were completed, the tooth or false teeth will join them. Another visit to the dentist to place it on the teeth when the dental bridge is ready, it will be necessary. During his final visit, the dentist cements the crowns safely to neighboring teeth to complete your smile with dental bridge. With proper care, dental bridges will last five to seven years, and in some cases longer.

Care and repair of dental bridge

It is important to properly care for the dental bridge to extend the life and maintain the health of the gums and natural teeth. Brushing and flossing daily cleaning, in addition to the regularly scheduled exams, dental bridge and keep your oral health in top condition.

If the dental bridge needs repair, it is recommended that you visit a dentist as soon as possible to solve the problem. Delaying repairs can adversely affect your bite, cause gingival discomfort or infection, or create other serious dental problems that require additional treatment.